Springhill College | 2018 NOW Conference

2018 NOW Conference

October 4–5, Spring Hill College, Alabama

Presentation: Setting the Table: Opportunities to Create, Collaborate and Nurture the Community You Need.

NOW Conference Exhibition Catalog

Zindagi:Life is a game that takes inspiration from a dark period in our family life, where we suffered loss, month after month, for five months in a row. During that time, we started a garden to teach our young daughters (9 and 10 at the time) about life, where food comes from, and the beauty of working with nature to cultivate life. We tended the garden, and in turn the garden nurtured us, teaching us so many lessons along the way. We learned that you do not have to fear bees, and for that matter, even wasps. They were in fact partners with us in continuing the cycle of life. We learned the importance of water. and sunshine, and the difference between heirloom plants and GMO produce.

Zindagi is the Hindu word for “Life”, and comes from South India where my Dad is from. In Zindagi:Life, players move their pieces (pollinating insects) around the board trying to bring them home. Along the way they will encounter various gardening events, some positive, like earth worms, and some negative like GMO contamination. Some choices benefit all players, and some penalize all players, just like in life. This game is designed to educate kids about how to garden, while cultivating the broader ideals of sustainability, community and hopefully awaken a deep and profound love of nature.