Kosha Light Garden

The Kosha Light Garden

The light garden, sculptures, or Koshas represent sheathes of identity that we wrap around ourselves.

At times all our identities merge into one becoming fused into one. Some layers collapse and sag under the weight of decisions or choices. The metal rods are ribs that we stretch our identity onto. Every layer has core ideas that the skin hangs on to. As consumers we make choices all the time. We select brands that resonate with us, becoming loyal Canon or Nikon users. Or we select lifestyle brands based on what we want to be seen as. Sometimes these ribs that support our identity break. We lose faith in companies if it refuses to do a product recall or if a brand we trust discovers meat contamination. Suddenly what we believe as truth about a company is called into question.

The inner core of how we believe and think are held up by our understanding of life, our cultural roots, our family, and the society in which we live. Sometimes these ribs break and dissolve as a new awareness is formed. Experiences can blast holes in our layers of identity and expose the ribs of what we hold to be true. When we encounter loss what we believe about life and death is laid bare. Some of the light sculptures have very few ribs, and thus cannot hold up their identity very well. They sag, and need to lean onto someone else’s identity for support. This is like those who grow up in a faith tradition, but never sink deep roots into trying to understand more. They lean on others for their strength and look to others for light.

In all the sculptures there are bubbles, swirls, holes and scars on the various layers. Every experience in life leaves a mark on our identity. As we go through life, our inner light will become obscured or burn brighter depending on how we live. Those that live with clarity of mind and purpose become a beacon to those around them looking for light. The light garden experience is designed to encourage viewers to be still, and take a moment to reflect.


Project Details

The light garden, sculptures, or Koshas represent sheathes of identity that we wrap around ourselves.

  • Identity
  • Light
  • Meditative
  • Sacred Space