Light Painting Experimentation

The Tantra Illuminated teaches that the original Tantra philosophy valued spiritual awakening and recognized the interconnectedness of all living things.

The tantra teachings had a fascinating layered model of identity called the Koshas. The koshas are comprised of five sheaths, with some practitioners recognizing a sixth outer layer, comprised of material things. Though there are many variations, the layers generally divide into body, energy, beliefs, intellect and Prana, the source of life in the universe. While not interested in studying Tantra philosophy as an end in itself, I was intrigued by the possibilities of being able to use this model as a way to deconstruct my personal identity and gain insight into how I identified with each element.

Project Details

The Koshas is a model of identity born out of the tantra teachings from South India. This light painting series was a visual exploration of the Prana, the inner core of our being and the Koshas, that is a representation of God, or the creative force of the universe.

  • Identity
  • Light