Sanctuary II

Sanctuary II / Pop-Up Exhibition

The initial idea was to do a quick trail installation of the Brandstater Gallery to see if the light sculptures could actually fill the space as well as testing to see if the reflective mylar film would be ok to install on the floor. The light sculptures and wooden branches filled the space in a very natural way. The mylar was positioned as long strip down the center of the 40 ft gallery space. The mylar surface beautifully reflected the lights and trees just as you would expect to see water reflect the lights of the shore in the marina. The ripples in the mylar surface referenced the watery surface of a stream winding its way through the forest. I wondered if others would react to the space the same way that I did. I quickly invited the students and office workers to come and take a peak at the installation. The response was overwhelming. Students were physically moved as they entered the space. The lights were turned off, and all you could see were the lights reflecting off of the floor surface as visitors walked around the tree like branches anchored in concrete.

Project Details

Temporary pop-up exhibition for two hours.

  • Light
  • Meditative