Spiral Light Garden

Meditation Space

How would a larger scale sculpture change the interaction as the light approaches the mass of a person? The installation explores how the relationship changes, as one is able to move into the space, and literally be in the light garden, as opposed to just looking down at the collection.

The spiral part of the experience takes inspiration from the spiral metaphor that Joanna Macy uses as a way to deal with the suffering in the world.

“The spiral of the Work That Reconnects is something we can come back to again and again as a source of strength and fresh insights. It reminds us that we are larger, stronger, deeper, and more creative than we have been brought up to believe. It maps out an empowerment process that journeys through four successive movements, or stations, described as Coming from Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New Eyes, and Going Forth.” (Macy 37)

The spiral symbol can connect one to nature even if they have never heard of Joanna Macy or her teachings. We see the spiral structure in shells, and in the way young green shoot unfurl to the sun. The design of the spiral is such that it allows viewers to enter from multiple points around the outside perimeter. As you enter the spiral, the wooden branches both reveal the light and obscure the space outside. The spiral light garden is designed to encourage reflection through the use of natural and manmade material and an invitation to be a part of the space.

The light tower on its own was powerful, but it needed something else to engage the space. Iron rods were tested for the spiral element but proved way too heavy and dangerous. Natural wood branches proved to be the perfect solution. Early plans called for wooden dowels to be connected through magnets. This proved too complex and seemed unnatural. The final solution was to drill a 1/16” hole into the base of each branch and then place it onto the wire sticking out of the concrete block. This proved to be an elegant solution that was minimal and showed respect for the materials used.


Project Details

The spiral light garden grew out of the previous Kosha light garden, comprised of smaller 18" or less light sculptures that were placed on tables. This next step incorporates elements of nature, in a enclosed patio space that opens out onto the back hills.

  • Identity
  • Light
  • Meditative
  • Space