Vermont | Riverside Resonance

Who are you? The Koshas are a philosophical model of identity originating in South India, in which the self is viewed as made up of layers not unlike an onion. The outer layer is how we identity ourselves through objects. Next is our body and how what we do identifies who we are. Traveling inward, we see the knowledge layer, followed by our deepest held beliefs. At the center of one’s self is the creative force of the universe, which could be described as the breath of God, the divine light or simply a creative power depending on your personal belief system. This sculpture is unique, in that it fuses geographic regions, and references the conceptual journey and creative exploration of Thomas’ students.

Thomas’ experience at Vermont College of Fine Arts radically transformed how he saw his world, life, family and community. This experience was a road trip, connected the past, present and future. The true beauty of VCFA is how the experience there, transforms their experience back home. The Art+Design department at La Sierra University has been radically reshaped through Thomas’ experience at VCFA. The image on the light sculpture fuse the maps of VCFA and La Sierra University. Thomas’ journey has helped his own art students start their own road trip. The words found on the sculpture, are taken from the student’s PLAY documentation, which mirrors Thomas’s own experience in documenting his work through the semester packets.

Thomas’ students experience the VCFA effect, as they nurture their creative practice through intentional creative PLAY.